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On the sofa with Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway early this morning at Good Morning Britain, discussing which times of the day are the most stressful for parents.

Apparently 5.08pm is ‘crisis point’, the culmination of a ‘perfect storm’ of post-school stress when we’re trying to cope with tired kids, tired parents, clubs, homework, tea and bed. Following swiftly behind is the morning school run.

Which do you find more stressful? Personally it’s that late afternoon slot that gets me, when patience is elusive, demands constant and the temptation to mop up the kids fishfingers strong…

My tips? Don’t expect you or your children to go straight into yet another strict routine. Give yourself permission not to be perfect. And find small moments of space when you can… a car journey, a walk home, five minutes in the park or garden. Now, off to get the kids and see if I can practice what I preach..!

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