The Potty Training Bible

The Potty Training Bible


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The only book to explain all the main approaches to potty training, The Potty Training Bible helps parents choose which will work best for them and their child. From finding out how to tell when a child is ready to potty train, right through to achieving night-time dryness, this book shows you how to deal with everything from those “little accidents” to more long-term issues without fuss or stress.


Press and reviews of The Potty Training Bible

“Jo Wiltshire’s The Potty Training Bible is not preachy at all, and highlights the pros and cons of each method realistically, with added comments from experts and parents alike.”

Anne Coates on her blog, Parenting Without Tears. Read full article on Anne’s blog.

If, like me, you’re a bit phased by the idea of potty-training, then The Potty Training Bible could be just the solution you’re looking for.

The book is a well laid out and practical guide to the four current leading potty training philosophies:

I’ve decided we will probably go the Non-Stop-Bot route, and although Eva (21 months) is not quite ready yet, I feel more confident now that I know what signs to look out for and I more ready to take on the challenge!
Nicole Burroughs, April 2010, on