The Baby Sleep Bible

The Baby Sleep Bible
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The ONLY book to give all the options on baby sleep, The Baby Sleep Bible provides a balanced view on the various approaches to baby sleep, recognising that every baby – and every family – is unique. Rather than dictating just one approach, it helps parents discover which methods work best for them and their baby.



Press and reviews of The Baby Sleep Bible


“Unusually, for an author, Jo Wiltshire is keen to send her readers to sleep – or at least help them get their babies sleeping soundly so that they can enjoy some rest themselves. And her new book is packed with tried and tested tips which have worked for friends, family, colleagues and other contributors.”

Rowan Mantell, Norwich Evening News. Read full article on the Norwich Evening News website.


“All too often this type of book is presented as one continuous chunk of text which can be daunting for a mum with very little time to spare…the author provides just the right amount of info about each approach”


“It’s so useful to have an unbiased view because most of the other sleep books just push one particular way. And also it talks to parents like they actually have a brain!”

Reader of The Baby Sleep Bible on Read the full review on Amazon.


“The sleep bible gives a non-judgemental snap shot of all the methods which can be used to get your wonderful baby to sleep!! Coupled with real parent experiences!! I have found it invaluable.”

Reader of The Baby Sleep Bible on Read the full review on Amazon.

“great little book”
was sent the baby sleep bible to test great little book it goes through the different ways to get your baby to sleep handy for trying what works best for you.with our daughter we got her to self settle herself to sleep when say that we would leave her no longer than 5 five minutes if she was still crying we would give her a cuddle then put her back down. my daughter sleeps from 7.30pm last bottle before bed at 8pm then next feed at 4-4.30am then next one between 6-7am.
(5 out of 5)
Reviewed by robert – dad of 2 – posted on 29th July 2010.

“Great Value for money”
I found this book to be very helpful as it helps YOU to choose the best solution for you and your baby.I am currently 6 months pregnant and it was very helpful to me to find out tips and all the different sleeping solutions etc to help me if I come across any sleepless nights.If you or anyone needs some sleep solutions this book will help to find the best solution for you and your baby.

(4 out of 5)
Reviewed by Kirsty – Expecting First Baby – posted on 28th April 2010.

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